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The changing office vocabulary:

1. BLAMESTORMING : Sitting around in a group, discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed, and who was responsible.

2. SEAGULL MANAGER: A manager, who flies in, makes a lot of noise, shits on everything, and then leaves.

3. ASSMOSIS: The process by which some people seem to absorb success and advancement by kissing up to the boss rather than working hard

4. SALMON DAY : The experience of spending an entire day swimming upstream only to get screwed and die in the end.

5. CUBE FARM : An office filled with cubicles.

6. PRAIRIE DOGGING : When someone yells or drops something loudly in a cube farm, and people's heads pop up over the walls to see what's going on.

7. MOUSE POTATO : The on-line, wired generation's answer to the couch potato.

8. SITCOMs: Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage. What Yuppies get into when they have children and one of them stops working to stay home with the kids.

9. STRESS PUPPY : A person who seems to thrive on being stressed out and whiny.

10. SWIPEOUT: An ATM or credit card that has been rendered useless because magnetic strip is worn away from extensive use.

11.XEROX SUBSIDY : Euphemism for swiping free photocopies from one's workplace.

12. IRRITAINMENT: Entertainment and media spectacles that are Annoying but you find yourself unable to stop watching them.

13. PERCUSSIVE MAINTENANCE : The fine art of whacking the crap out of an electronic device to get it to work again.

14. ADMINISPHERE : The rarefied organizational layers beginning just above the rank and file. Decisions that fall from the adminisphere are often profoundly inappropriate or irrelevant to the problems they were designed to solve.

15. 404 : Someone who's clueless. From the World Wide Web error Message "404 Not Found," meaning that the requested site could not be located.

16. GENERICA : Features of the American landscape that are exactly the same no matter where one is, such as fast food joints, strip malls, and subdivisions.

17. OHNOSECOND : That minuscule fraction of time in which you realize that you've just made a BIG mistake. (Like after hitting send on an email by mistake).

18. WOOFS : Well-Off Older Folks.

19. CROP DUSTING : Surreptitiously passing gas while passing through a Cube Farm.

some of these, like "cube farm" are direct douglas coupland ripoffs, others like "WOOFS" and "SITCOMS" are extensions of the already well known "DINK" (double-income-no-kids), but i particularly i enjoyed "Seagull Manager", "Xerox Subsidy" and "OHNOSECOND". 

Any minute now, i'm going to start reading Dilbert comics and laughing to myself. Save me!
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Dear work:

thank you for the key to the gym.

thank you for the fob that allows me to park downtown for free - although i don't have a car.

thank you for the free drinks and lunches all the time.

thank you, especially thank you, for buying me insanely overpriced scalper tickets to the TV on the Radio concert.

Rock on work, rock on.
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i need a vacation.

i got off work early yesterday, early afternoon - early enough there was still alot of light. so i went to see The Waterfall Building, designed by Arthur Erickson. If i was ever fabulously wealthy, i would live there. I've seen ads for when the lofts go up for rent - they range from $2500 - $4500 depending on the # of bedrooms. But if i had millions, i'd love to live there for a year. i think living inside a piece of art like that, would have to enrich every aspect of one's life. Supposedly there is a higher suicide rate associated with Erikcson's buildings, as the Univeristy of Lethbridge and Simon Fraser University have the highest suicide rates for post-secondary insitutions in Canada (and both were designed by Erickson). 

But i love Erikcson's work. Its the reason i went to SFU. i loved walking through the school - through the mountain. Its imposing yes, all steel and concrete - but i appreciated it.

I'd love to live in one of his buildings, one of the houses in West Van. I'd love to tour the building's he's designed - so many in so many countries. i feel lucky to live in Vancouver, which has so much of his work. In the summer, i'd like to do a local tour of his work. Some of it i see everyday (Robson Square and the Law Courts) others i've never seen, but there's no where else that has such a concentration of his work in such an accesible (to me) area. i really should take advantage of that. 

when i got home, i fell asleep in all of my work clothes with my light on. i woke up this morning - about 13 hours later. i hit snooze for about an hour. it seems no matter how much sleep i get, i don't want to get up. but thats not quite right - its not that i don't want to get up, its that i don't want to stop dreaming.
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i have just now realized that when i went to bed at about midnight - i set my alarm clock to go off at 0715. Of course, when i rushed out of the house about 45 minutes later to go to work - i forgot to unset it. 

Dear cohabitators - i am SO SORRY. i'm sure it will be a terrible annoyance, but i think calling you at this ungodly hour to warn you would be worse. i just hope you figure out rather quickly that i am not there to silence it.


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