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there is a spider in the doorway of my bedroom. 

my room has two doorways, one to the hallway of the apartment, the other a sliding glass door door that leads to the balconey. the spider is located by the balconey. 

its not actually a spider, but rather a spiders corpse. it was a spider at one point though, until it decided to crawl across my bare arm while i was sleeping, when upon i prompty beat it death with a textbook. 

it was a largish spider, as apartment dwelling spiders go - not full on wolf, but the potential was there - at least the size of the bottom of a coffee mug. a largish mug. a cappucino cup perhaps. 

after its untimely death, i placed the carcass (employing some tweezers) on the doorsill as a warning to other would be night time creepy crawlies. i had read on the internets that this is an effective preventative measure. 

this was the second spider i woke up to crawling across my arm. the first was a crab spider, which i misidentified as an albino black widow spider (something the internets tells me is a common mistake) and also beat to death. 

it was the second spider of this breed i have seen in this apartment - the first one i found in my converse hightops... after putting my foot in. once i recovered from teh shock and horror of having a large spider in my shoe with my foot, and then clinging on my bare foot when removed from the aforemention shoe - i beat it to death. 

there is a theme here. 

i continue to leave the spider in the doorway. it has been approximately one week.  


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