last night

Sep. 1st, 2006 10:26 pm
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one gemini martini, one nameless but delicious martini, live music at the libra room, off to toby's for a quick round of video games and bad decisions about chemicals, off to 23 west, drinking too many $2.50 highballs, when was the last time you heard nine inch nails in a club, some guy offered jesse a virgin, random people toby knows, too drunk for my own good and running off at the mouth(at least i didn't call anybody!), toby spilled beer on me and my precious precious phone, finding a bike frame in the dtes stripped of tires/gears/breaks/rear deraiuller but with crank and handlebars intact, sharing a car with strange unknown but hilarious goth girl, more time spent at toby's, passing out on the air mattress, walking home with jesse, dropping out cold, i woke up at exactly 830 - the time i need to get up to go to work, even though at some point during the >4 hours i'd been asleep i had unplugged the alarm clock and hucked it across the room. i don't recall doing this at all.

work was excruciating, but my boss took me out for lunch at malones and we shared funny highschool stories - he won.

oh yeah, i should probably mention... MARGARET CHO!
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work, distance, madonnathon, fighting, bugs! last minute concerts, drugs, drinking, that shirt is not a joke, birthday, ipod, breast cancer (not mine), havana's, fets, turks, the salt lick, mexx, seven, tomb raider: legends, gin and tonics, vodka tonics, lick, the oddysey, the queer film festival, the dyke march, mission, vancouver, tequila, ivan coyote, dissident vs. denialist, flirting with vegetarianism, yeah - i probably should have mentioned that, business suits, you tube, battle star galactica, smoking, cutting 12+ inches off my hair, air mattresses that deflate overnight, ikea, overtime, confidentiality agreements, strep throat, wisdom teeth removal, amoxicillan, penicilin, keflex, chuck klosterman, david sedaris, gender theory, the oddball, i miss you, breakfast at bons, sangria, sleeping on the floor, fighitng, sexing, working, breathing, you know - life.


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