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last night i dreamed about: zombies, making clay pots, david beckham and baptism.

i just found out that my entire weekend is fucked. damn you work! 

I will most certainly be taking a long weekend next weekend instead - which is better, as it is a pay week, i will by then have my new work-funded bike, and yeah... long weekend! work is buying me a bike - even if it is a cheap piece of junk off craigslist. its free, and its a bmx - that rocks. 

i am so fucking tired.

also, what are your feelings on this:

edited to add:

also, omfg

you know i am going to be there. i cannot begin to describe how much i love this band... their lyrics are incredible, a legitimately original sound, and by all accounts they put on a mad live show. yay! a show to actually be excited about.

"Ennui unbridled, let's talk to kill the time
how many styles did you cycle through before you were mine?"

Date: 2007-02-03 08:30 am (UTC)
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Its late, so this wont be a highly intelligent critique of that article, but that person was on one helluva straight-bashing rant. Probably warranted if he was getting tossed around for dancing by some jock...but still... That kind of separtism or fundamentalism, or whatever that was, kind of made me anxious. What if "straight establishments" disallowed queers just as this dude wants to do to the straights? He did not mention anything about straight folk who are queer-allies, and enjoy the culture/scene. I think it is important for individuals to have safe places to socialize though. What do you think about it?

What a great concert that'll be at the commodore. Plus awesome about the bike news.

Date: 2007-02-05 03:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
on first reading, i was totally overwhelmed by the writers anger and yeah- hardline seperatist stance. the entire piece is flawed (his binary concept of sexuality, his gay-male centric idea of what the "community" is about, etc).

but on a second reading, i had to give it more consideration.

i've heard a number of stories lately about people being gay-bashed INSIDE these bars. from shit-talking to actual fights. a couple of weeks ago i was at the O with toby and the crowd was straight - it was bizarre, and it was really, really tense. all these straight guy and their skanky girlfriends scanning the crowd, yelling, pushing eachother. we left within an hour, because it felt really, really sketchy. later i found out there was a fight inside, and someone got shit-kicked after leaving.

i think its a problem of entitlement - while straight bars might not disallow queers, they aren't exactly welcomed - certainly not really queeny fags, butch dykes, trans or drag. attendance is low. i think queers feel this kind of social pressure and don't push it.

it seems though, that some straight people don't feel that pressure. their sense of entitlement is so large they come into "the community", right into the bars - and bash. i mean, this kind of behaviour isn't taking place in the leather bars where some big bear might actually knock some teeth out - its happening on the street and in the fag bars, to the more "feminine" guys.

and while there is a huge difference between someone gay friendly (though how do we define that?) and someone bashing, i would question why any straight person is in a gay bar - are they with gay friends, just hanging out? thats seems reasonable. but are they there on their own? why? to what end? not only are they possibly making people uncomfortable with their questionable motives - on busy nights they might be taking up limited space.
straight people can go elsewhere - gay people? not so much.

god knows i've taken enough straight people into gay bars - and never, until now - questioned it. but i also know that recently one of my straight female friends has taken to doing the gay circuit - with her boyfriend. and that is fucked up. they might be looking for an alternative enviroment to the meat market of straight clubs, but i would argue those establishments do exist outside of the gay bars. instead of seeking out those arenas they are taking their comfort and placing it above the comfort of the community they are patronizing - that reeks of privilage to me. and i feel somewhat responsible for that, having been one of a few who introduced this girl into those bars and broke down the boundaries for her - which she has now taken too far.

i have no problem with straight girls in gay bars - i think it can be a safe space for them. but, it should be by invite - there should be a gay connection somewhere. otherwise, it could be considered invasive.

i do believe in the idea of an inclusive enviroment, but the recent activities in the west end are increasingly leading me to believe this might not be a time to be idealistic. this might be a time to close ranks until the violent minority is pushed out again. the problem is that most gay bars don't have intensive security (aside from celebrities) or bouncers, and it seems as though the bars owners/some bartenders are not doing enough to diffuse tense situations before they get out of hand. most fags are not big on violence - they aren't going to fight to keep people out of their clubs.

so there has to be some other way of making it obvious, even to someone with such an inflated sense of entitlement - that is not okay for them to behave that way, it is not okay for them to even be there. and i'm not sure how else to accomplish that (since violence isn't and shouldn't be an option) except to become exlcusive in access. at least for a while - until the undesirable element is purged

how to actually effectively accomplish that though - i'm unsure.


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