Feb. 13th, 2007

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i need a vacation.

i got off work early yesterday, early afternoon - early enough there was still alot of light. so i went to see The Waterfall Building, designed by Arthur Erickson. If i was ever fabulously wealthy, i would live there. I've seen ads for when the lofts go up for rent - they range from $2500 - $4500 depending on the # of bedrooms. But if i had millions, i'd love to live there for a year. i think living inside a piece of art like that, would have to enrich every aspect of one's life. Supposedly there is a higher suicide rate associated with Erikcson's buildings, as the Univeristy of Lethbridge and Simon Fraser University have the highest suicide rates for post-secondary insitutions in Canada (and both were designed by Erickson). 

But i love Erikcson's work. Its the reason i went to SFU. i loved walking through the school - through the mountain. Its imposing yes, all steel and concrete - but i appreciated it.

I'd love to live in one of his buildings, one of the houses in West Van. I'd love to tour the building's he's designed - so many in so many countries. i feel lucky to live in Vancouver, which has so much of his work. In the summer, i'd like to do a local tour of his work. Some of it i see everyday (Robson Square and the Law Courts) others i've never seen, but there's no where else that has such a concentration of his work in such an accesible (to me) area. i really should take advantage of that. 

when i got home, i fell asleep in all of my work clothes with my light on. i woke up this morning - about 13 hours later. i hit snooze for about an hour. it seems no matter how much sleep i get, i don't want to get up. but thats not quite right - its not that i don't want to get up, its that i don't want to stop dreaming.


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